Delivery and returns

Ordering Your Fish for Delivery at Lee Valley Aquatics

You can place orders for livestock or dry goods by getting in touch with us using the following details:


Phone: 01992 444 393

You can also conveniently order through our online shop for livestock only.

Once your order is placed, and payment is received, we will promptly reach out to you to confirm a delivery date. Please note that our deliveries are available on weekdays, the standard delivery fee is £30 per box. Saturday deliveries are also available but incur an extra charge of £10 per box. 

If you reside in an area outside mainland UK, there might be an extra surcharge. To obtain a delivery quote for your specific location, please contact Lee Valley Aquatics with your postcode, and we will provide you with the applicable postage cost.

For the well-being of more delicate fish, some species may not be shipped via courier. Please contact us for expert advice on these particular cases.

Orders will be dispatched only upon receipt of full payment. To reserve fish, full payment is required, and reservations are typically valid for approximately two weeks.

Our DOA Policy

At Lee Valley Aquatics, we take every measure to ensure that your fish leave our care in good health and are properly packed for their journey.

In the rare event that your livestock arrives deceased, we have a Dead On Arrival (DOA) policy in place, outlined as follows:

Notification: If your fish arrive deceased, please take clear photos of the fish, still sealed in the original bag as provided by Lee Valley Aquatics. These photos must be sent to us within half an hour of the delivery. You can send them to either or via our Facebook page.

Refund or Credit: Lee Valley Aquatics will issue a refund or credit note for the value of the deceased fish, provided that the above conditions have been met. Please note that we do not refund the delivery cost or charges for packing materials, which are the customer’s responsibility.

Replacement Fish: If you prefer a replacement fish for one that has arrived DOA, you are responsible for covering the delivery charge and the cost of any packing materials required for the replacement.

Fish Health Concerns: Should you notice that a fish appears unwell or is struggling upon arrival, please contact Lee Valley Aquatics within half an hour of receipt. Send pictures of the fish while it is still sealed in the original bag to receive prompt advice.

Guarantee: Lee Valley Aquatics guarantees live arrival for your fish. However, our guarantee extends only to the half-hour period immediately following arrival. Any losses occurring after this timeframe will be the responsibility of the customer.

Pairs and Sexing: Some fish are sold as pairs, consisting of one male and one female. We will sex the fish to the best of our knowledge and ability. However, we cannot provide a 100% guarantee of the sexes of the fish purchased.

Variation: Please be aware that the livestock you receive may vary slightly from the images shown, such as in patterns or colours.

Research and Compatibility: Before placing an order, we encourage you to research the fish species and ensure they are compatible with each other. Lee Valley Aquatics cannot be held responsible if an “incorrect” mix of fish is chosen. If you have any doubts, please contact us for advice before making your purchase.

We aim to provide you with the best service and ensure the health and well-being of your aquatic companions.

Delivery and Introduction of New Fish

Introducing your fish after overnight transit should be done with care, and the approach may vary depending on the fish species. If you have any doubts about the correct method for introducing fish to your aquarium following overnight transit, please feel free to ask for advice when placing your order.

Here are some important guidelines to consider:

Livestock Delivery Hours: Our livestock packages are typically delivered before 1pm. It’s crucial to ensure that you are available during this delivery window. If you are unavailable to receive the fish, your parcel may be returned to Lee Valley Aquatics, and refunds will not be issued in such cases.

Delayed Deliveries: If, for any reason, our designated courier fails to deliver your parcel by 1pm, please get in touch with Lee Valley Aquatics promptly. We will assist in tracking your parcel to ensure a successful delivery.

Fish Health: In the unfortunate event that your fish arrive deceased (DOA), we kindly request that you refrain from disposing of any fish until you receive specific instructions from Lee Valley Aquatics.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service and ensuring the well-being of your newly acquired fish. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about the delivery and introduction of your aquatic companions.