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Fresh Delivery of Fish this week!

Some epic fish arrived this week through our doors, both bread and butter aswell as some nice rarer pieces!

Steel Blue Killis, Cardinal Tetra, Kohaku Swords, Golden Rams, Elecctric Blue Rams, Red Eye Red Swordtails, Coral Red Platy, Geophagus Sveni – bonded 1:1 pair, Buenos Aires Tetra, lots of Bristlenose and Gold Bristlenose, Amazon Angelfish, Gold Barb, Ruby Shark, Rio Paraguay Bristlenose and last but not least, possibly THE rarest fish we’ve ever had in and we’ve only managed to secure 1 single piece, Crocodile Goonch Catfish – Bagarius Suchus. The Holy Grail of Goonch catfish in my opinion!

why not pop down and take a look yourself?


Hi all, We would like to announce that our new and updated website has officially launched 🙌🏽

We pride ourselves on the quality of our fish, and now they can be owned by you, with just a few simple clicks anywhere you may be and sent straight to your door with our simple and efficient checkout!

📍 Tyndalls Garden Centre, Sedge Green, Nazeing, Essex, EN9 2PA

📞 01992 444393


📥 Contact us via Messenger 24/7

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Five year milestone!

Well today marks another milestone in the history of LVA.. 5 years to the day since we first opened our doors to you lovely lot 😘

Alot of things have changed since the opening day, but a few things have remained an ever present, our burning passion to supply the best fish and services possible, and of course yours truly 😝

Turning a dream into a reality, has of course had its ups and downs along the way, but i would like to say thank you to each and every one of you who has supported us along the way and helped in making my dream possible and hope you can continue to support us so we can keep doing what we do for you all ❤️

We are open today until 5pm and keep a look out for our weekly Friday post later this evening!

Horsehead Catfish now in stock

Good morning all, here for another day all the way through to 5pm for you all 🙌🏽

Here we have yet another first for us, the lovely Horsehead Catfish – Goeldiella Eques 😍

These are a manageable species of catfish, growing to around 10” long. Quite an active species once settled and can be kept together given enough space, plus they are pretty cool little species of Cat!

As seen in the video, they are currently feeding on prawn, aswell as sinking pellets! Beware though, if housed with smaller tank mates, they MAY go missing as these will eat smaller species given the oppurtunity.

If you’d like more information then please do get in touch!